Hello – welcome to crowdsourced poetry. This is the site to find out about the latest crowdsourced poetry being created by Dan Simpson, and past crowdsourced poems. Here’s what I’m currently crowdsourcing! For everything else I’m up to, visit dansimpsonpoet.co.uk!

What’s a crowdsourced poem?
A crowdsourced poem is created entirely from words submitted by the public on a particular topic or theme. This is done through social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and by email. It can also happen in person at events! This process can happen in one day or over a number of weeks. Once all the lines and words have been collected, I then cut up and combine these words into a new, coherent, and crowdsourced poem. Here’s one created during National Poetry Day!

Why crowdsource a poem?
A crowdsourced poem is a brilliant way to involve people in poetry and create innovative work. It’s easy to respond to, requiring the submission of just a few words on a topic, and participants get to see their words put into a new community poem.

Crowdsourced poetry can be used to raise awareness of an event, project, campaign or activity, so can serve as something of an interesting and engaging marketing tool. Here are some quotes from people who have taken part in previously crowdsourced poems:

An exciting way of making people feel included in the creative process.
I felt like I’d made a real contribution to the poem. I felt like a poet.
Fantastic and interesting project. It’s a great way to create a poem and include many people.
Innovative, creative and a great result!

How can I take part?
You can contribute to the poem I’m currently crowdsourcing here or by going to ‘Currently Crowdsourcing’ above. You can also follow me on Twitter (@dansimpsonpoet) for prompts, and tweet your words @ me there!

Where can I see some crowdsourced poems?
Find out about previously crowdsourced poems here! Or have a listen to this one, created during the London 2012 Festival for the LIVELIVE Project:

How can I use crowdsourced poetry for my project?
I’ve created crowdsourced poetry to be part of events and gigs, launch exhibitions and campaigns, to engage people with poetry, to raise awareness of a topic, as a unique output from a conference – and simply for fun! If you’d like to use crowdsourced poetry in some way, email me at dan@dansimpsonpoet.co.uk.