Canterbury Christchurch University – Nursing & Health


A crowdsourced poem for Canterbury Christ Church’s Nursing course, with students submitting words reflecting on health and their practice. Using this, Dan created a crowdsourced poem performed for the students.

Nursing Reflection

A brave person who cares for the sick holistically
Using evidence-based practice and clinical judgement
to improve health outcomes

A professional at easing fears and pain
an empathetic guardian of your health
who helps people without hesitation – no questions asked.

A selfless individual who provides unconditional compassion
dedicating their life to taking care of others
helping you to make choices.

A role model support you during your sickness
who always has patients’ best interests in mind
and is there at the end of the tunnel.

That’s the academic aspect of things
let’s apply theory to practice
the difference between quantitative
and qualitative research
hand wash, aseptic techniques, BP taking

And we know how the heart functions
blood moving to the right systems
and you are the lifeblood of a hospital
the high pressures of the ward environment
pushing you between the extremes
of life and death on a daily basis.

You ensure normal functioning
the systems of the body working together
working long shifts as a team
to heal people during their time of need.

And how amazingly structured this body is
how dependent other members of staff
can be on nurses
the way so many people
from so many different walks of life
come together with the same intention
of making a difference and to help others.

Incredible – the resilience and emotional intelligence of nurses
giving medical attention
yet friendly advice
looking at things holistically
every person is so different
human anatomy and physiology
ensuring people regain their meaning of health.

The body has to grow, protect, fight and create
it can be overloaded by work and ill-practices
this fit lean machine breaks down
challenging both mentally and physically
there are many types of loss:
targets and deadlines
not being able to do anything
trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t want to listen
caring for very sick patients – losing people
grief does not always involve bereavement

different wounds and different dressings
devise a method of overcoming:
constantly expand your knowledge
learning from one another in a positive way for a lifetime
specialise in become really good at what you do
work collaboratively with effective communication
find the nurses you aspire to be like
whilst being yourself.

Believe in yourself
be well yourself
be looked up to
an advocate for people when they need a voice
giving them the freedom to live
The freedom to move
The freedom to eat lots of chocolate
and not live to regret it the next day.

Be the light in someone’s darkest hour
enjoy seeing a patient get back to full health
due to your intervention and work
a dynamic superhero stranger
who cares about people in general
an understanding rainbow unicorn
who looks after sick people and not just their illnesses.

Good heath for body and mind
complete wellbeing
be able to go home having the knowledge
that you helped the public
having a positive impact on others’ lives
the best outcome
the best ending too.