City of Voices

Canterbury_Festival_Logo_-282x300I crowdsourced stories, thoughts, lines and words for City of Voices, a Canterbury Laureate project for Canterbury Festival. People from Canterbury District and beyond contributed to the creation of a poem about the City of Canterbury.


Buried underneath:
cobbled streets made dust
ancient ruins
absorbing secrets
a car-free ringroad.

The Great Stour swirls through
weed green fronds waving
medieval moments released
lives are lived
and things change

making gargoyles as a child and Rupert Bear
becomes that 90s Saturday shop job
teenage trips to secret gigs
and those end of year services in the cloisters.

In a cool, sacred space of the cathedral
we fell to earth
we yawned through singing
(Allegri’s Miserere at evensong)
thinking of summer
we shared our dreams:

pub, few beers
cheeky restaurant
cool food
incredible fudge

despite the rain
I was missing out
on the hustle and bustle
as you walk around this beautiful city
(check out those beams)

There’s something romantic about it
Butchery Lane
the Chapel of St Mary’s
walls and museums
castle and crypt

our favourite things:
the Festival and art
Universities and shops
history and present
diversity and creativity.

Canterbury is pretty amazing:
make memories here.

Canterbury panorama


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