European Commission – CONCERTO Conference


I was commissioned to create a poem during the final conference of the European Commissions‘s CONCERTO  Initiative. I sat in on the Conference over two days, listening to the results of this energy efficiency and carbon neutrality project. Here’s the poem I made and performed to the delegates, made from the words they spoke and Tweeted.

Today is an important opportunity for us
the initial impulse given by CONCERTO
changes the mainstream.

One vision: a carbon-free society
this new world of energy
could be almost magical
in terms of results.

A holistic approach:
it’s like a multi-dimensional jigsaw
we’re trying to put together
thinking big but starting small
we all have a different piece of it
the innovation is the integration.

Creating communities
smart neighbourhoods
bridging to smart cities
every CONCERTO project is one link of a chain
in the European Energy Living City:
work in the chain
search for the gain.

58 cities and communities
in 22 projects in 23 countries
role models
that can meet the needs of energy
and climate challenge
pioneers in energy efficiency
and sustainability
the overall benefit
is more than the sum of its individual parts.

So there’s a need for joined-up thinking
the exchange of knowhow
it only works if you play together.

So put the concert in CONCERTO
play a Beautiful energy symphony
with a committed conductor
convince others to take action
the local players

(You and I are the ones who pay the bills)
put the consumer centre stage
(we pay as consumers and tax payers)
the citizen is part and parcel of the process
a very real and integrated energy solution
just open the door:

serving coffee is very important too
change attitudes and social habits
on a global and local level
act locally
think European.

Sometimes there is a good plan
but it takes a little more time
and oftentimes you can learn more
from what didn’t work
than what did work.

Do not invent the wheel again
on the road to 2030
or to 2050
but dance with a stranger
or a Minister for Energy
(who is only concerned with keeping the lights on)

Look for new ways of collaborating
find a positive champion
who fits the regional situation
no lighthouse projects
but do simple things well
with a high replication potential
and see the snowball effect
opportunities must be visible
because seeing is believing.

Whether you reach what you preach
“It’s not because things are difficult
that we do not dare
it is because we do not dare
that things are difficult.”

Do not put CONCERTO on a shelf
inspire the next generation of decision makers
to start their own smart city
the technologies are ready to be applied
and we know how
because we already built it.


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