Loughborough Digital Survival Salon

A quick crowdsourced poem for Loughborough University’s Digital Survival Salon, where I got to talk about my practice of crowdsourcing poetry. I also put together a poem from tweets hashtagged #digitalsurvival! It went down well, with a couple of lovely quotes from attendees:

Dan created a thought provoking piece to summarise the state of the digital publishing era.
my absolute highlight of the night.

And here’s the poem I came up with:

Digital Survival

Mashing it up with a desire to win
tiptapping up a storm
it’s Digital David versus Gutenberg Goliath!
it may be new but it’s a classic competition
an awesome meeting:
survival of the fittest on the boards of publishing.

But we embrace the middleman
find poetic interpretations of paper and digital files
kindle thoughts and discussion –
fire reinventing itself:
somehow traditional and actively changing.

So seize on literary roots
like a semi-precious stone cut from the digital environment
hang on for dear life
hand them to the world as food for reproducing.

Take a risk and inadvertently volunteer yourself
to be part of refreshing the book for the people
hope to answer questions in collaboration:
it becomes easier in a crowd.

Say goodbye to the day, writers and creators
push your head above the street networks
and paperback parapets
into the Cloud’s thick mist.

Watch for the limits of this land of Newfangle
your independent domain
band together to take on the Random Penguin Queen
and King of the Profession.

Do nothing at all and look forward to losing:
ceasing to exist is a reason to survive.



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