Six Ways to Wellbeing

wheel-for-main-page-250x251IdeasTest are working on increasing your wellbeing through the Six Ways to Wellbeing Swale project. There are lots of simple things people can do to improve their wellbeing – one of which is being creative. That’s where crowdsourcing poetry came in!

Using social networks to collect words, we created a #wellbeingpoem. Here it is!


Wellbeing is a purring cat on my lap
whistling for the dog
it’s dancing in the dark to your favourite pop song
spinning with your arms aloft.

It’s pilates and feeling graceful like a dancer
a seeded batch loaf with brie and cranberry
it’s smiling quietly or roaring with laughter
it’s a steaming mug of tea.

It’s coastal walks in any weather
under the huge sky
it’s that long linear horizon; a strong sea breeze
it’s finding delightful surprises.

It’s bubble-wrapping an absent colleague’s desk
finding fun in the mundane
it’s building a boat by night
it’s not caring about the rain.

It’s learning boogie-woogie piano to fend off dementia
(making music for the mind)
it’s hard-to-keep-secret gifts
it’s eating lots of chocolate
it’s tiny acts of being kind.

It’s trainers on, get set, go
drawing deep lungfuls of invigorating air
it’s something simple – like dry socks
it’s that book you have share.

It’s the important people
the leaves turning from green to gold
it’s creating colourful memories
it’s knowing: you can change misdeeds of old.

It’s living in the moment
never checking your phone
it’s glittering sunsets
getting lost in ice cream cones.

It’s being joined in a garden ramble by a bumble bee
it’s giving up lattes and starting deep breathing
it’s feeling connected with your body
since it may be windy outside – but in my heart it’s swing.



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